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Who We Are

AttisLab Inc., founded by world renowned oncologists and cell culture specialists, is a biotech company bringing a personalized medical care to patients all around world.


AttisLab Inc. is a company founded by world renowned oncologists and cell culture specialist in collaboration with design, marketing, software, e-Commerce and intellectual property experts.

What We Do

Amid various fields of researches, we focus on personalized medicine, which has the potential to tailor therapy with the best response and highest safety margin to ensure better patient care.

Both cancer and regenerative medicine are our best interest that we would like to put our great efforts to contribute to improve the state-of-art technologies for better human life.


Cancer screening tests aim to detect cancer in early stage, before it causes symptoms The benefits of screening in terms of cancer prevention, early detection and subsequent treatment must be weighed against any harms. We are developing an on-site cancer biomarker detection solution based on medical big data and deep learning technology.

Drug screening helps prioritize the drug choices, tests experimental drugs, and identifies combinations that may prove more effective.

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is to seek to replace tissue or organs that have been damaged by disease, trauma, or congenital issues compare to the current clinical strategy that focuses primarily on treating the symptoms.

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